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cleanin' out the boxes...

got some nice bugs here.

Assortment #1SOLD is the 6 Ska-Oppers. size 2 chartreuse and black and a couple of purple/black.

Assortment #2 SOLDis the 5 Sunray Shadow Tube Poppers with junction tubing and hooks, sz 4 i believe.

Assortment #3SOLD is the 6 Hairwings, green butt skunk variations and one claret and orange thinger. size 2...maybe 4?SOLD

Assortment #4 SOLD is the one dozen muddlers of varying stages of muddler life forms. deerhair, moose hair, elk hair... pink and orange and who knows what else. muddle or die. SOLD

paypal only please. US $2 CAN $5 for shipping & paypal fees.

thank ya fellers.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts