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The first to answer 9 out of the 10 questions wins a gift certificate for $25 to Kaufmann's Streamborn (site sponsor) and a spool of #12 Maxima UG. If you can answer one of the bonus questions, I will double the value of the gift certificate.

And please, to keep it fun, stay the Hell away from Google. :tsk_tsk:

1) What fly took Jerry Wintle’s storied Skagit River monster steelhead? Bonus: I will double the prize if you answer the following…He was known for ‘bumming’ flies as in other people’s. Who tied the fly that caught that fish?

2) What famous hole on Washington’s first flyfishing only river was diagramed in Enos Bradner’s Northwest Angling?

3) Who was featured in and guided Jim & Kelly Watt down the Skagit/Sauk Rivers in their Flyfishing Video Magazine. Another bonus and another chance to double your prise…What popular steelhead bait/lure was he credited with inventing?

4) Who are the two anglers that are routinely credited with the invention of the Skunk/Green-Butt Skunk?

5) 2 Part Question: What Bridge crosses the North Umpqua not far above the Camp Water? What is the first pool below this bridge?

6) What method did Bill McMillan popularize with the use of such flies as his Winter’s Hope and Washougal Olive?

7) This man was known for flying Harry Lemire and Bob Stroebel into the Dean. Name the Seattle, WA retail institution founded by him and what it sells.

8) What peculiar flyfishing method is the Rogue River known for?

9) A Forks Washington schoolteacher.

10) Describe a “springer” steelhead (think Washougal, EF Lewis, Kalama etc.).

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Great thread Ryan.

Too bad moderators are excluded :D (Actually, that is my out as I think I only know 4 or 5 for sure and have guesses on a couple of others.)

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Why care about history and trivia it is all about the here and now and fishing beads just ask the guys on an other popular Washington Fly fishing board they will tell you that.

Great thread. I ain't eligible either though I think I might have gotten only 7.

Being a youngerish (not so much any more) I see so many of my generation only caring about numbers and forgetting there is cool history and stories behind steelhead fly fishing.

Great thread. Hopefully we can have more of these sort of threads.
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