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Have a bunch of "extra" stuff. Hope it can go to someone who needs it.

2 - Plano Guide Series waterproof boxes w/ inserts
Streamside 50lb braided loops x3
2 bags - misc size worm weights - plain and painted
Loon Ice Off Guide Paste (75% full)
Scientific Anglers white 30lb backing (50 feet)
Bobber Stops
1/2" Thingamabobbers x4

Flourocarbon/Leader/Tippet Spools - 2lb to 15lb
- all spools have at least 40-50 feet, some closer to 100

Selection of flies for fun
- loop/tube leeches, squidro's, wets

Scientific Anglers anatomy of a trout stream DVD
- excellent resource for learning to read water

All for only $35 US funds plus actual shipping to you in the lower 48 states or Canada via Canada Post from London, Ontario. Paypal (US & Canada) or e-transfer (Canada) only.

Thank you.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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