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Some super simple bugs tied on shanks

All are done the same... 1/2 the shank with a rear hot spot... the other 1/2 filled in with a custom brush and finished with JC and a guinea collar
I played with adding weight in the form of a hidden dumbell in some and the one tied with ostrich in the brush has some amherst accents just because :)

The composite brushes are composed of synthetic fibers (specifically squimpish hair), flash , accent materials and are 15" long ..I have been cranking out giant predator brushes (15" wide by 15" long ) for our business and was like why dont I fuss with some ones that would make tying 5-8 steelhead flies a snap....basically a composite loop on wire , repeated with the intention of cutting 5-8 sections from the brush and having that be the bulk of the fly ...flies took about 5 minutes to compose ..brushes are headed as a gift to a buddy in alsaka (Rich these are for you if you are lurking here haha) I just had to sample the goods before I sent

Thanks for looking and as always am so inspired by all the great tyers who post and share here

David Nelson


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Awesome Dave! I need to get ahold of some of those for testing! I enjoyed the batch of squimpish hair I tried a couple years back
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