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Hi Sport!

Well Charlie, here are the details!
( Topher, close your eyes, I don't want you to read this) :tsk_tsk:

Photo 1: Bridge on the 132 road ( actually there is a new bridge
right on the other side of it.... maybe a new pool!!)

Photo 2: Run between Little Fork and Lime Rock ( there is a wood

Photo 3: That rapid is just above Bluff Pool ( sometimes surprising
what's in there)

Photo 4: That's is the tail of Bluff and Upper Little Fork ( early
June fishing..... you know!!):hehe:

Photo 5: Tail of Home Pool and above Birches ( I would turn right
and fish the Lower Home pool and then walk down river
there is a little "something" run.)

Photo 6: Juniper Pool ( a must see and must fish pool!)

Have a great weekend!


My next victim "York River" this weekend!! :smokin:

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She looks great Ann, wonder if there's any freshies lurking in there? Caught my first Salmon below bluff in water not much shallower than that. I was actually surprised to come back last year and see it at normal levels.

Would you know how the black salmon season was on the Grande? Curious to know if there were any bright fish caught? The "leader man" said there were some bright fish caught on the Matapedia a couple of weeks ago but none since.

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