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I have several fly lines for sale. ALL SOLD

-3 Rio WF8 versi-tips

These were used for one season and come with a floating, intermediate, type 3 and type 6 tips in a Rio head wallet. All are in great shape. I'm asking $SOLD

-1 Rio WF8 versi-tip
This is the same as the above but missing the intermediate tip. $SOLD

-1 Scientific Angler 440 grain Intermediate Skagit

This line is like new and was only cast for a couple of days. Matches up with a 6 or 6/7 weight Spey. $SOLD

-1 Airflo 6/7 Long Delta

This 115 foot 510 grain line was only used once and is in top notch condition. This pairs up well with a 7/8 speyrod. $SOLD

-1 Ian Gordon 7/8 short Speyline.

This is a full line not a head. It's 65' and 585 grains and should match a 6/7 or 7 weight Spey. $SOLD

These lines will be listed on multiple forums so please reply by email as I can't check them all constantly. [email protected]
Lines can be shipped via envelope to save on shipping costs.
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