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Hi there,

Hate to start a new threat for a question that I'm sure has been asked before, but after a search I didn't find a particular enough answer. I recently bought a 4" Perfect from another member - this the 'Heritage' model that was introduced before the most recent model. It has the rotating lineguard and specified winding direction - smaller diameters had an agate.

Anyway, question is whether I can buy a 4" spool for the "wide spool" series available now and have it fit my cage. I know the modern/vintage Perfect interchange isn't always great but hope someone knows about the most recent - especially with the 4", which I expect is probably the same width pre-Wide Spool version? Hardy lists 33mm for the 4" wide spool width which is pretty darn close to the reel sitting next to me.

I remember reading somewhere that in the larger sizes, Wide Spool doesn't really mean much of a change.

If I can pull off an extra spool for this instead of going on another reel search, I can list a barely-used unported Abel Spey in the classifieds and shimmy my way towards a new 4wt Winston MS, or maybe a Meiser 3/4 or 4/5. Went to a casting clinic with Tom Larimer last weekend and think the lightweight spey rod will be great fishing around here without a boat.

Thanks in advance.
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