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Spey Line and DVD!

The good folks at The Book Mailer and Miracle Productions have agreed to provide a copy of the new Spey-O-Rama DVD The Art of Speycasting for the next Speypages subscriber draw! So this time around I will draw twice--once for the line; once more for the DVD!

Only 5 more subscribers to go!

Subscribe Here!

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Baldmountain, welcome aboard!

On a different note, your Medalist 1495 1/2 can hold a DT9F, so it will probably hold a WC 6/7/8 if you are only interested in practicing (no backing). The weight of the reel (around 6.5 oz) is also probably quite close to balance your 12'6" rod. I use a 7.3 oz reel on a 13' 6/7 wt. rod, perfect. If not, you can add weight to make up the difference. The most important thing is to get out there, give it a go, and have fun!

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Big K1 said:
Giving the Sultan of Splice another line is like Dana winning casting lessons!!!
I am such a sore loser!

Congrats I guess. :( :razz:

"Quattro Tip Spey Line
Designed by Team Loop member and Speycasting instructor, Eoin Fairgrieve from Scotland, the Loop Quattro Tip Spey Line was recently voted best multi-tip Spey line in the UK’s premier fishing publication, the Trout & Salmon. Each Quattro Tip comes supplied with four interchangeable tips of various densities, which connect to the main floating line by Loop’s new hinge-free loop-to-loop connection system. This allows seamless transfer of energy during the casting cycle, resulting in effortless turnover of the fly and enhanced water coverage. Extensively field-tested in our fishing camps in Russia and Argentina, the Quattro Tip Spey Line offers the discerning salmon angler the opportunity to optimise the presentation depth of the fly by quickly changing the 14ft attachable sinking tips depending on water depth, water temperature and fishing situation."

LOOK OUT WORLD here comes and under-hand record!!! :smokin:
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