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It's time -- final preparations are being made and you don't want to be left out!:tsk_tsk:

We will be at the Tolt-McDonald Park in Carnation, WA, the weekend October 28 and 29.

We heard your call for vendors closer to the river and have rented the camping sites closest the river. We would love to hear from people would like to volunteer.

Last year was awesome -- this year will be better.:hihi:

Perfecting the bad cast
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BETTER for sure!!

I know SpeyBum took careful notes concerning everyones' recommendations last year. He and his clan listened and they are working very, very hard to make it better in every way.

SpeyfairHostess can correct me if need be, but I believe the dates are 28-29 October.

Don't miss it. You'll not forgive yourself after!

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Thanks Dana and Bert

I have editted the orginal post. Thanks for your help. I have been busy looking at RV canopies and awning for the vendors. We have found a great source, and have scoped out our reservations in the park.

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Speyfair 2006 - More updates

OK ladies and gents - formal invites are going out to the vendors tomorrow. Is there anyone you really want to see? I have the whole crowd from last year on my list and quite a few others, but if you have a fave I really want to make sure they get included.

Food - this year the Cub Scouts will have food booth for us. They will be on the West end of the campground (close to the casting area). I'm really excited to have a local organization getting involved in the Speyfair.

Let's get some dialogue going and make this a really great Speyfair.

Speyfair Hostess

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Hi Fred,
I have asked that the link to the Clan Gathering i am having in BC be removed, as i was not going to post it on speypages under events for another month or so, i know how hard Aaron will be working on his event and i did'nt want to post anything that may detract from what i'm sure will be a great event, like i said i have no intention of posting on this site for another month or so, the reason for my event being at the time it is, is that Scott and Gordie are busy on the river Ness until the season closes on Oct the 15th, this is the only time they can get away, and they will be in BC for a very short time and i am on the Spey until the 30th Sept.
Please go to Aarons event if you can, as i'm sure it will be a great event,
And like i said i will say i will not post anything for a month or so.
Thanks Gordon.

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We are finalizing details on the who. Friday we will have work parties will be setting up for the vendors. Saturday will be casting demos from 9:00 - 12:00 and qualifying for distance casting from 1:00 -5:00. Sunday there will be more casting demos from 9:00 - 12:00 and the competition will be from 1:00 - 5:00. I will post more information as I have it.

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speyfair 2006

Hi Aaron

I heard that you had a terrific show last year and have been planning something for a long time this year.
I wonder if anyone could tell me what the closest Airport to this venue is and how long it would take to drive there.

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Accomodations for Speyfair 2006

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that you have two choices for accommodations for the Speyfair 2006:

1. You can camp in the campground at the Tolt-MacDonald Park (the campground reservation line has reserved a large number of spots for us - just tell them you are with the fly fishing group).

2. You can stay in a hotel/motel in Issaquah or Redmond. I will be putting together a list of hotels/motels in the area and post it next week.

Does anyone know if there are motels in Fall City, Snoqualimie (other than the Salish Lodge (ouch in the pocketbook!)), or Duval?

Thanks and can't wait to see you there!

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Two questions

First: Does the Tolt McDonald park take RV's? Hookups? pets?
Second: Is this also a "play with all the new toys" type event? Or just demos & competition casting?

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Hi - I'll have to let SpeyfairHostess answer on the camping question - seems like i saw hookups, but not sure.

Speyfair is definitely a 'play with the toys' event as well as a casting competition. The location offers both grass casting opportunity, as plenty of room to cast on the river. I believe the main change to last year, will be to have the vendors closer to the river - they will be located in the open field camping area next to the river.

Its good to note too that the casting competition is held at the river - so casting is on the water. :hihi:

This is a great event - I think that being consolidated closer to the water will be awesome. Things I'm looking forward to: Its always fun to see what new toys Meiser has been working on, the casting competition - and hopefully those Loop boys will be back in town!

I'm certainly looking foward to the event, hope to see some of you there.


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You can definitely bring your RV, and I will check on the pets. I have camped at the park before Mom and Dad bought the building in Carnation and we took our dogs, but from time to time things change. I will check and get back to you. Remember when you call King County Parks and Recreation specify that you are with fishing group, because they already have some great RV spots saved for us.


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Accomodations for Speyfair 2006

Here is a list of the accomodations in Issaquah and Redmond. This may not be an exhaustive list, but there is enough variety that you should be able to find something you will like.

Bed & Breakfasts

Poplars on the Lake 392-7079
3527 E. Lake Sammamish Shore Ln SE, 98075

Roaring River Bed & Breakfast
888-4834 / (877) 627-4647 toll-free
46715 SE 129th St, North Bend 98045

Water’s Edge Guesthouse 392-7727
2736 222nd Ave SE, Sammamish 98075

Camping, Resorts and
Recreational Vehicle Parks

Issaquah Highlands Recreation Club 392-2351
10610 Renton-Issaquah Rd SE, 98027

Issaquah Village RV Park 392-9233
650 1st Ave NE, 98027 Fax 391-4803

Trailer Inns RV Park 747-9181
15531 SE 37th St, Bellevue 98006 Fax 747-0858

Vasa Park Resort & Ballroom 746-3260
Fax 746-0301
3560 W. Lake Sammamish Rd SE, Bellevue 98008

Camps, Conference Centers
and Retreat Facilities

SAMBICA Camp & Conference Center 746-9110
Fax 746-7082
4114 W. Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE, Bellevue 98008

Hotels and Motels

Days Inn – Bellevue 643-6644
3241 156th Ave SE, Bellevue 98007 Fax 644-7279

Embassy Suites Hotel – Bellevue 644-2500
3225 158th Ave SE, Bellevue 98008 Fax 865-8065

Hilton Garden Inn Seattle/Issaquah 837-3600
1800 NW Gilman Blvd, 98027 Fax 392-0196

Holiday Inn of Issaquah 392-6421
1801 12th Ave NW, 98027 Fax 392-4650

Larkspur Landing Bellevue 373-1212
15805 SE 37th St, Bellevue 98006

Motel 6 392-8405
1885 15th Pl NW, 98027 Fax 557-6465

Salish Lodge & Spa 888-2556
PO Box 1109, Snoqualmie 98065 Fax 888-2533

Silver Cloud Inn Eastgate 957-9100
14632 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue 98007


11010 NE 8th Street
Bellevue, WA 98004
P: 425-454-5888
F: 425-455-5880

14595 NE 29th Pl
Bellevue, WA 98007
P: 425-869-6548
F: 425-881-2861

17601 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052
P: 425-883-4900
F: 425-869-5838

7401 164th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
P: 425-498-4000
F: 425-498-4035

7575 164th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
P: 425-497-9226
F: 425-497-1909

2122 152nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
P: 425-746-8200
F: 425-747-2078

14580 NE 145th St
Woodinville, WA 98072
P: 425-424-3900
F: 425-424-2585

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RV's at Tolt Park.

Booked myself in from Friday evening til Tuesday AM (4 nights) this AM. Delightful lady to chat with ($26.00/day). Appears the sites may have water/power BUT NO sewer. For that you have to travel to a regular RV park.

IF YOU WANT IN THE PARK REGISTER NOW!! Appears there may only be one more RV slot (#18) left.

See you there.:D
Fred (and hopefully Joan)

Pets are apparently fine, brought up the Pooch.

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nextcast said:
I suspect you already have these folks lined up, but some of the "greats" from across the pond will be at the Fraser Valley Clave the week before SpeyFair. If you can include them in your demo line-up it will be terrific.


For all those folks comming to the Fraser Valley Clan Gathering, a bit of sad news.

I am sorry to say that I have been dropped like a hot potato by Gordon Macleod for his clan gathering.

After taking time off work and getting flights paid for, he has decided that I am now not wanted. It is related to a deal being offered to Gordon by one of the big rod companies which will be present at the gathering and them not wanting me there.

Very badly let down. I was only doing the gathering to help a so called friend out.

Gordon Armstrong
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