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Now that I have had time to catch my breath and most of campers are on their way.
I would like to extend to every one who attended the Speyfair a big Thank you.
Special thanks goes out to Michael Stanley who spent a week prior to Fair helping me keep it together.
To those intrepid souls that stuck out the monsoon rains and gale force winds my humbling thanks.
To my dear friend Fred Evans; I hope the leg is well. Those pups will do that.
Todd Scarf I do apologize for not having demo’s on Sunday but the casting competition ran over on Saturday and had to be completed on Sunday.
I would like to thank the following list of friends and acquaintances for all their help with setting up, tearing down and moral support for the Speyfair.
Brain Styskal
Rick Wiita
Lon Volberding and his son Kyle
Gary Thayer
Tim Gelinas
Mike Rimkus
Al Buhr
Dan McCrimmon
Steve Comer
Bill Rodgers
Rich Williams
Kevin Kindregan
Vinnie Labalo
Ian Stubbs
Rob Allen

Great thanks to Jimmy and Gwyneth Jack for coming all the way from Scotland to attend the fair.
Special thank to Gwyneth Jack for helping out with the cook tent on Sunday
Gordon Armstrong, Ruairi Costello and James Chalmers, who are part of the Carron family, you guys were smashing.
Getting a wee lesson for Gordon Armstrong was a true humbling experience.
Watching young Ruairi Costello work on casting far enough to hang the line in the trees on the far side of the river was awe inspiring.
Young Gordon duplicated the same feat a little while later.
Watching James Chalmers wiggle rods and say “nay, this is not a rod, this is fishing pole” and off to the River and cork a cast out as far as you wanted to go.. Grinning like the Cheshire cat all the time.

I might add the Support from The Golden Gate Casters of
Doug Duncan , Simon Hsieh, Frankie Chen, and Kazu Koshimisu was very much appreciated.
Thanks go to the retailers that attended, Carron, Sage, Burkheimer, Cnd and Vogg USA for your support.
Thank you to the following for donating door prizes:
Vogg USA
Carron Line Co.
Clear Creek
Fetha Stix
River Run Anglers

I would like to thank those people who provide the casting demonstrations
Mike Kinney Deer Creek Guides Service, Washington Guide Casting Instructor and Meiser Rod Pro Staff

Combined Demo By Brian Styskal of Burkheimer Rods Pro Staff and Tom Larimer of Larimer Guide Service and Burkheimer Pro Staff

Al Buhr
FFF Casting Board of Governors , Chairman of the Two Hand Casting Instruction Program , Master FFF & THCI Casting Instructor , Chaired the Committee of AFTMA Speylines Standards and Author of Two Handed Fly casting and How to Design Flylines

Leroy Teeple THCI-Oregon ,Guide G.Loomis Pro Staff and Speycasting Instructor

Charles St. Pierre of Northwest Speycasting, Washington Guide and Sage Pro Staff

A very special thank you to our Speyfair hostess, Kori Malone, for all the administrative work done in preparation for our fair. Scott Malone was the head chef at the barbeque along with the help of their children Allie and Jesse. Eric Kilbury was our runner who helped out with anything that needed to be done and Rondi Kilbury kept the shop open for anyone who wanted to stop in.

Thanks for the Support

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Speyfair 2006

Hey Aaron.
I think that you deserve a rest now,or if you are a brave man start to prepare for Speyfair 2007,what a success!!
It was great to finally meet up with yourself and your family,and get to visit the River Run Anglers shop in the "Nation".
It was great to meet up with friends old and new,I have never met a more enthusiastic and friendly bunch of guys,many of them being students of yours from your Saturday clinics at the River.I was amazed at the distances that some people were prepared to travel to attend your Clave,the SanFransisco hit squad drove 14 hours to attend!!and many others travelled a long way.I think that you can take a lot of credit for that as you seem to be so enthusiastic about all things Spey related.
I spent most of the weekend trying to keep track of all our gear,amongst your former and present students,but I need not have worried as at the end of each day I just looked out on the river,and gathered my stuff up as they would still be casting and testing out kit till dark.
I managed to take in a few of the Demos on Saturday,and was truly amazed at the talent and experience that was on show,the likes of Al Buhr,Mike Kinney,Leroy Teeple,Gordon Armstrong and that fantastic dou of Brian Styskal and Tom Larimer who gave a brilliant demo on all aspects of presentation of the fly at various speeds in different currents,it was thoroughly professional and very well presented.There were other demos that I did not get time to take in due to Aarons students looking to try out equipment,all in all an excellent line up.
I met a lot of people over the weekend,some names I can remember and some I cant,I must say a special thank you to Fred Evans for his kind hospitality and excellent cuisine.
I especially enjoyed his fine selection of Tea,as coffee seems to be King in that part of the world.I even managed to see Bruce and Michael Parsons convert as the weekend wore on.
There was a very big turnout at this Clave,especially on the Saturday before the weather broke,well done to all that attended and supported the event.It was good to put the names to Speypages faces as well,I was dissapointed when I saw Big K1 as I thought he really was Elvis.
Dan Mcrimmon,your evening entertainment round the fire was excellent,Kazu might need to watch himself as you may take away his crown as the "Whisky Monster".Mike Kinney definately has a wicked sense of humour,along with Ian aka Taysider.Frankie Chen you are some barman.
Congratulations to all the guys who took part in the casting competitions,especially to Kazu,Frankie,Brian Styskal,Doug Duncan,Michael Stanley,Simon Hsieh,Ruairi Costello,and all the guys from the "Nation"casting school.Gene Oswald its a pity your time was limited at the show,but I hope you enjoy your new toy.
A great weekend was had by all and I would like to say a big thank you to Jimmy and Gwyneth Jack of Carron for making it possible for us to attend.
Here are some shots of the weekend
Saturday mornings demo started off with the Maestro himself,Al Buhr,a more helpful guy you you will struggle to meet,as you can see from the picture below the morning was cold then the sun shone through
Al Buhr

Mike Kinney trying out some toys

Lee, Al and Mike telling super energy stories round the fire

Kazu The Whisky Monster

Some of the gang

Signing all these books makes your eyes go!

Left hand up

Freds Tobacconist

Highlight of the trip for Ruairi Costello,learning and perfecting a new cast,thanks to Gordon Armstrong.

Thanks again from the Carron gang

James Chalmers

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SpeyFair 2006

Thanks Aaron and your team for hosting this excellent event and hospitality. It was a great sucess.
Ai-Ling and Conner were really enjoy themselve the Saturday event and meeting Spey gangs (as long as I keep them happy, there will be more trips to clave in the future). :D

I did miss the best parts of whole event: demos and camp fire. It would be good to watch masters doing demos and BS, jokes around the camp fire, but it was great to catch up with old friends and meet new friends, especially Jimmy and Gwyneth Jack, James Chalmers, Gordon Armstrong and Ruairi Costello coming from a long way (James: I will have scotch and smoke ready for you at Spey-O-Rama).

Thanks again Aaron and your family and your team to make this event happen. Looking forward to SpeyFair 2007.

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A "total hoot!"

Worth every minute of the the drive in the 'over sized bread box.' But do have to admit, Monday (and even more so on Tuesday down on the Kalama) reminded me of what the word "COLD" actually means.:eek: (34 degrees with a heavy ground fog in one case, 24.8 under clear skies the other. Same days, the 'low' in Ashland was higher than the 'high' ''up there.'')

James, et. al. again please pass on my thanks to Gwyneth for the 9/10 Carron line. Matched this up with my CF8139-3 Burkie. Tipped same with a 15' RIO leader/fly; don't know how far this thing will actually cast ... as the upper Rogue isn't wide enough to find out!!:lildevl:
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