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Spey is a casting and fishing style that originated in it's namesake region along the River Spey in Scotland centuries ago to solve angling problems in the pursuit of atlantic salmon and sea-run trout of the region: (a) limited backcasting room (b) improved line control and (c) maximized coverage of water by reducing unnecessary motion, providing full length casting with change of direction with as little as a single motion.

It differs from common overhead casting in that the backcast is left folded under the rod tip such that the end of the flyline lightly grips the water for an instant as the forward cast begins, much like a "dynamic roll cast".

Unlike said roll cast, the line is kept in a fluid and continuous movement to prevent dead line and excess surface tension, in fact the only real contact for the main part of the cast is a short portion of the end of the line (the grip or anchor) while the rest of the line is in the air in the shape of the letter "D", known as the D-loop.

There are numerous variations of the Spey cast, which can be said to be comprised of two basic parts - the setup, and the cast itself. The purpose of the setup is to get the D-loop formed properly in the conditions you face - current and wind direction, etc. The cast itself (after setting up) is almost identical despite the variations.

Aside from the mechanical aspects - the personal pleasure and sense of accomplishment from the practice and study of this casting art is found to be intense by many, not the least of which are the members of this BB. The beauty of this form of casting is hard to ignore when seen in the backdrop of a river bank, whether seen through your eyes or anothers.

It's downright addictive.
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