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welcome aboard

well you certainly found the right web site to make your inquiry.

you will probably get some wonderful replies on this subject. i for one spey cast predominantly now and very rarely, other than trout, do not pick up a single handed rod.

spey casting and its varied forms and casting styles can enhance any fishing situation from salt chuck beaches and estuaries to small crick to huge rivers.

i have been two handing the salt for well over two years now and find it more pleasurable to cast these rods in the salt all day. this past year i have been using a CND Atlantis 11' 11 weight and am getting far better at hitting distances over 120' where I need to be when the tide is high where i fish.
so, spey rods are pretty much limited to nothing other than your fear of public humiliation about using such a tool where it was previously taboo...

spey casts can and have been used in regular fly fishing.

for a more thorough breakdown, check out Simon Gawesworths book on spey casting and you will see a very clear picture of the way of the spey...

good luck in your quest for knowledge grasshopper....

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