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Some topics bear repeating, such as what is a good reel or where should one head to for the steelhead trip of a lifetime. Despite a recent thread on this topic, I would like to re-emphasize the incredible lack of spey sanity that went into the new format that Speypages is using. There are so many inconveniences in this " improved" version that I don't know where to start. I would suggest that a first step in fixing the problem would be to shoot the webmaster. And this comes from a true pacifist, no less.
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What new format? Nothing's changed here on my computer.

Unfortunately this is what happens on a FREE forum, had people subscribed to a pay forum or helped Dana initially im sure this topic wouldnt exist now. You can only complain if you are ready to make change, until then.....these guys run a buisness and need to support the site. I use Tapatalk and it is wonderful, maybe they need to look into this format. For the books, I have not seen the new format yet and by the sound of it.....not missing much:) Hang in there, im sure more change is around the corner, wont find a better site in my opinion. Other than a couple snappy fellas, ive never met any A holea here.....lots elsewhere. Cheers, Ed

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