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softhackle re the Sage 7141

It is an excellent rod. It is not a seven weight rod.

It is the missing link Spey rod. It is really the 8 weight that is 14-15', that is not made by a major rod manufacturer. Reality and truth in advertising would list it as an 8 to a light 9 weight. It weighs a little less than my Sage 10151, and it balances well with the Loop 4 or the Redington Big Brakewater 11/12 reel. It needs a heavy reel to balance it for me.

It is my main late fall and winter rod with high/fast rivers and deep waters. Rio's Mid Spey 7/8 with tips works well in these river conditions. I remove tips 2 and 1 put the tip compensator on for the season. Then, I use whatever sinking tip is appropriate. Like all 8 weights in my hands it does not handle flies bigger than size 2 very well. The big flies come out of the water okay but never get enough velocity to counter normal wind/air resistance. It does great with flies size 2 or under.

I just got back from fishing the lower Rogue last week and used it with Rio's new Grand Spey 7/8. The wind was really high and bad last week. This combo worked well. There are a couple of replies on the threads by me on this combo posted today. The 7141 with the Grand Spey 7/8 is a great tool for those really windy days.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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