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A bunch of items for sale to support my Salmon addiction / Pay for Wife's birthday gift... having trouble prioritizing between the two sometimes:

Spey Rods:

LOOP BlueLine 1015-4 15' 10wt Spey rod fast action MINT condition with original sock/tube: 250$

LOOP YellowLine 8124-4 12'4" 8wt Spey rod, sweet slow action a darling in the Color Concept lineup. Mint condition except for a couple small nicks in the cork that I repaired with liquid wood. Original sock/tube: SOLD$

LTS Explosive Blue Light 6126-4 12'6" 6/7wt Scandi secret weapon. (LOOP Team Syrstad, google it, these are awesome rods!) Condition is MINT with original tube/sock with one exception: On the tip-top ferrule, there is some wear/glue from taping, however structure is perfectly intact.
Retails in the US for 700. Asking: 450$

Rugged Creek NXS Nano-Resin Euro Scandi 7110-4 Switch rod 4-piece medium-fast action. BNIT. very light and strong, nice finishing: 250$

Irideus Steelhead Spey 8136-4 13'6" 8/9wt 4-piece cannon. Great salmon/steelhead/coho/chinook rod. Likes a 600gr skagit or 550 +/- scandi. I have the brand-new skagit head that is matched to this rod included. Original sock and oversized tube, which can easily accept 3-4 14' spey rods into one tube. Rod is in mint condition. Can be bundled with a reel/spool combo below.
Retails supposedly 436$. Asking only 225$

Spey Reels:

Hardy Marquis Salmon #3. Korean model. LHW but can be changed. 9.5/10 condition as there are the tiniest scratches that are inevitable from handling with the mirror finish on the rims of these, but zero scratches/rash on any other part. Strong check, only fished once. Comes with original pouch and box. I can leave about 400yds of white dacron backing on there if you want. SOLD$

FlexTec Aerotec 9/12 spey reel and extra spool. 4.2" diameter, 5.56oz Aluminium, LHW but can be changed, strong disc drag with soft click, few very minor scratches, still a very sexy reel, Adonized.
Comes with pouches for reel and spare spool. 200$

Trout Stuff:

Orvis Battenkill 5/6 Disc Drag made in England reel 8/10 condition, dusty with an old line sticker, but perfectly functional with original leather pouch: SOLD$
TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series 8'6" 5wt 2-piece medium-fast action 9/10 condition tube and sock: SOLD$
TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series 9'0" 6wt 2-piece medium-fast action 9/10 condition tube and sock: SOLD$
Fenwick GoldenWing GWF-794-2 7'9" 4wt 2-piece medium-fast action 9/10 condition tube and sock: SOLD$

Pictures of everything available here, and I can get photos to you for any item angle you want.


Any trouble with that link, just let me know.

All prices are in U$D and shipping will be split 50/50 using cheapest and smoothest methods. Ships from Quebec, Canada.

Open to offers, bundles, questions, heyhowyadoin's and wise advice. Also open to trades for salmon stuff, tying materials, Lamson, Meiser or Simms. For the rods, I can also work out a matching line(s) from my hoard boxes.
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