#1 - This R.L. Winston Air TH 12'3" #8 rod is brand new - it served as a back-up that never was needed (purchased from Madison River Fishing Company). This rod has also never been registered. Comes with original R.L. Winston tube and rod sock.

Asking $850 with shipping to CONUS.

#2 - The CF Burkheimer 7134-4 is the vintage addition. It was acquired second-hand as a back-up rod but hasn't been put to use. As the photos will show, it's seen some days on the water with its original owner and the condition of the ferrules / cork / etc show this. That said, all the visible wear is cosmetic.

Comes with cloth sock (but not the plaid design currently in play) and rod tube. Asking $650 plus shipping.

Payment accepted via Venmo or PayPal G&S. If there are any questions or additional photos needed, do not hesitate to reach out.