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Have a 13 ft 5 weight for sale
Gary Anderson blank built bye Steve Godshall
It is same as buying from Gary high end components Portuguese cork made the same as Garys elite series
Comes with 2 tips sock and tube
Only thing different has Steves name on it instead of Gary
As many know Steve builds lots of rods for Gary
Made it look like classic Burkie Stlye with Steves touch feather ect
Including airflo 360 scandi
It loves that line or old rio 350 extremely tight loops!!
This is a niche rod will explain were it shines
Many of u trout Spey this along with every 5 wt is not sporty for that unless ur trout are all 4 lb or bigger
So it's a Stealhead rod
Best rivers would be Trinidy Rouge Klamath John day or others were most adults are 4-7 pounds
U will really appreciate the fight compared to a 6 or 7 wt Spey
So know there lots of Anderson rod lovers out there u won't be disappointed
Asking $400 that's at least 1/2 off one from Gary
Also u Idaho fisherman great for grande ronde
This is true Spey rod not a switch !

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Reduced $375 get this sold mind blown it's still here
This is a $900 rod new used for only month
Gary just designed this rod last year so not old technology
Think it's worth 500 at least just used for a month
I don't think it's even on Garys website was introduced at sandy clave last year
So if u fish any rivers described below ur buddy going to be envious u have rod that blows away his or her sage or other high end production models for this price
Pm for pictures
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