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Spey Rod Cases

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Was surfing the Sage website and noticed that they have spey rod cases that allow you to have the reel with the rod.

Anyone use these? Seems like an easy way to keep everything connected in one place.

Was thinking about getting 1 and was looking for opinions... would certainly make travel easier. :)

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The Sage spey rod cases are quite nice. I don't have one but a friend does and it is first rate.

I have two Harding and sons spey rod cases and they are even nicer. You can get these in a double version (for two rods) as well -I think Sage only sells a single.

The DB Dunn spey rod cases are servicaable but inferior to The Sage or harding models.

I agree that the Harding and Sons cases are great. I have three and just ordered another. The price went up a bit recently but even at $75, they are worth it. Anything beats the metal tube rattling around in the car/truck.
Where can I get or at least view the Harding cases? This would certainly be nicer to carry 2 rods in 1 case instead of having 2 single cases.

I have 3 rods to deal w/ - 12', 14', & a 15'.

Thanks for the replies..


Follow up -- got it -- http://www.hardingandsons.com/index.html,
need to work with technology and not fight it...
Ragatz, re Spey Rod holders

Go to this link to purchase the Harding two Spey Rod Case from one our sponsors. Go for the 15' two rod case as shorter rods can be put into the case. The 15' case holds the 15'1" rods as well as the 13 foot 4 piece rods.


Mark will send you the case in a day or so after you order it.

Be sure to put your smaller rod pieces into their stuff sack (butt ends first and push the sack into the tube section. Then, put your end piece with the reel attached on top of the sack. This will eliminate the rods sections from rattling against each other in transit and maybe making a nick that could result in a disaster.

If you need only one rod case, Sage makes a "generic" for the Fly Shop in Redding California which is sold at a great price and has a shoulder strap that the Harding does not have.

Before I go Spey fishing, I will string up the line and tips for the two rods/reels and use the sack system above with the line in eyes and ready to go. When I get to the river side, I can take out the rod I want and be fishing in a couple of minutes.

When you get home from fishing be sure to let the cork handles dry in the air and wash your reels/line off and let them dry before storing them in the case. A few weeks of being stored wet and dirty in the case after fishing will not be good for your rods, reels, lines and the cork on the handles.
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Rod case

I own a DB dunn , a Sage,and a Greenheart case all of them great .I really like the Greenheart the most for reel protection and workmanship.Not one of the cases are cheap but what is in this art we call Spey?
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