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While preparing for the FFF Spey test I have been thinking through some of the possible questions I might be asked during the orals, so I thought it might be fun to post them here and see how others might respond to them.

So, what are the characteristics of a good spey cast?

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Smooth, graceful, constant motion comes to mind, but that doesn't hold true for skagit type casts. For both types of spey casting it seems to me that a well formed d loop that is 180 from the target is good characteristic to have.


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A good spey cast...

Slow lift,
Smooth and level sweep,
Fully formed D-loop (whether D or Vee),
Light anchor,
Smooth acceleration to a hard stop.
Energy transfer right through to fly occurring above water, straight and tight on upper leg of loop through cast.
Timing, timing, timing and acceleration.

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Spey question #1

Hi Dana
Good question,

Fly on the dangle, slack removed
Lift (rod tip)
Sweep (rod tip back)
A rise (rod tip at the end of the back stroke)
D loop formed (line)
Stop (rod tip)
Pause (line anchors momentarily)
Then a forward stroke, with a smooth application of power
Stopping the rod tip high, after the line straightens over the water, drop the tip.


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Good Spey Cast

For me it is one where I don't pull my anchor with the fly winding up in the bankside brush, where the line does not wrap around my head, where the hook point does not wind up in my clothing or exposed body parts, and where the line goes back out as far as it did last time unless I decide to shorten it up:hehe:
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