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Victor Yee <[email protected]>
I am forwarding this information for Victor Yee;

Open to the general public, for those who wish to learn to cast the 15’ rods or to aspire to become a participant in the Spey O Rama competition one day, this is the event that can help you get started. This workshop will be at the site of the world famous GGACC and the home of the Jimmy Green World Championship of Spey Casting also known as the SOR, (https://www.ggacc.org/spey-o-rama). The event begins on Friday, Nov 1, 2019 with opportunities to try different lines and rods and an opportunity to enhance your learning in small groups with experienced SOR casters on such things as casting techniques, equipment choices, rules for the SOR, etc. In the evening for those interested, an additional special event will be a Chinese Banquet style dinner on Friday evening that will be about $30. pp.

Saturday, Nov 2 at 8:00 begins the “mock” simulated casting competition with SOR rules. The afternoon will be more open practicing, A&Q, and checking out equipment and trying different lines, etc. much like the informal practicing on Friday. Feel free to call Victor at 415-302-7839 for additional information or to inform us u you will be attending.
Lunch will also be available on Saturday for a nominal fee as well.
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