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For those who are interested here is a description of the events and the results.
The Speycasting was in the middle pool at the GG Casting club and the casters were in about 2 1/2 to 3 feet of water (crotch deep) and forty feet out from the concrete. One practice shot and 3 measured casts from each side. Any style of cast, but the d loop had to be on left for 3 and on the right for 3. Roughly 19 contestants and the best 3 would cast off again in the finals.
Order of casting was determined by drawing straws to be fair if the wind came up etc. The was around a 35-40 degree change of direction.
The first round was won by Ian Gordon(Scot) with casts of R139 and L133 for a total of 272 feet. Second was Knut Syrstad (Nor)with R136 and L135 for 271' total. Mariusz Wroblewski (US)was in third with a R121 and L116 for a total of 237. Way Yin (US)and Bill Drury (Scot) tied for 4th with combined 236. Andrew Toft (Scot)next with 232. Ian Gordon, Bill Drury,Andrew Toft and Way Yin were using long lines. Knut and Mariusz were using shooting heads.

In the finals things weren't quite so close. Ian Gordon clearly had a better afternoon, winning with a R143 and L131 for a 273 foot total. Knut was second with a R122 and L135 for a 257' total. Mariusz had a R116 and L114 for 230.

I am sure some are interested in the equiptment used. The finalists all used G Loomis rods with Ian using a 15 GL3 10/11, Knut using a 15' Trilogy 10/11 and Mariusz using a GLX 15 10/11.
For lines Ian was using a Carron Jetstream long headed line, Knut using a Rio Windcutter head around 57' (9/10 wt) attached to a running line.
A few more notes. Steve Choate had a good right cast of 128' but didn't get off a real good left. He just ticked the water with 2 of his lefts or he may have done better. Certainly a great Speycaster anyways...... Bill Drury of Scotland had a back injury and was a late addition or he may have done better.......Knut Systad's 10/11 GLX Forcelite had been broken so he was using a borrowed rod. (Hopefully this wasn't a factor).....A woman named Donna O'Sullivan qualified (120' qualifying distance) but was nearly over her waders during the competition as she is maybe 5 feet tall. A great cast to qualify none the less.
I guess nothing was learned as to long lines or heads being better for distance.

In the overhead here's the story. A Sage 16 rod was used with a full length line. The competitors had one practice cast and 2 scoring casts. No practicing beforehand at all for any of the contetants. You had to instantly read the action and hope for the best.

Three were tied after the first round with 160' casts, these were Jerry Siem, Tim Rajeff and Knut Syrstad. Next was Steve Rajeff with 150" and Way Yin with a 146'er. Jay Clark and Graham Anderson were next with 140'ers.

In the finals Tim hit a 152'er for the win and Jerry was second with a 141 and Knut had a 140 for third.
The overhead competition was done off the cement platform which is about 20" above the water. Makes Ian's 143'Speycast seem pretty impressive since he was crotch deep in the water.

All in all a fine weekend with hot clear weather. No wind. Tne Goldan Gate Casting Club is a great facility and is a must see for anyone visiting San Fransisco. (They also have a nice bridge in town you may want to see after seeing the club)

A great job by all the sponsors (North American and abroad)
and demonstrators as well as the local club members who put on the show.

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I spoke to ian Gordon and Bill Drury today, they both speak highly of the hospitality they received in the States. They are both a little jet-lagged but are slowly getting back to normal. When they catch up with sleep they intend to hit the internet to thank everyone for the great time they enjoyed

Ian asked me to correct the slight error in the above report, he was in fact using a Partridge not a Carron long bellied line.

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Golden Gate

From the reports it sounds like an exciting time was had. It would be cool to see some of the "big dogs" in action. Thanks to everyone who has posted on this event. Take care, MJC

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Jimmy Green International Spey-O-Rama Event - Offical Competion Results

Hello spey casting enthusiasts,

Here are the competition results as compiled by the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club tournament director.

April 23-25, 2004

Overhead Cast: All contestants will use the same rod receiving one practice cast and two official measured casts. Single longest cast will be scored.

45 degree Change of Direction: One practice cast in each direction (right to left and left to right. Three measured casts in each direction. Score will be total of longest right and left casts.


1. T Tim Rajeff (USA)------------160
1. T Jerry Seim (USA)------------160
1. T Knut Syrstad (Norway)------160
4. Steve Rajeff (USA)------------150
5. Way Yin (USA)----------------146
6. T Graham Anderson (Canada)--140
6. T Jay Clark (USA)--------------140
6. T Robert Minuzzo--------------140
9. Steve Choate (USA)-----------129
10. Andy Murray (UK)------------125
11. Foster Reed (USA)-----------118
12. T Bill Drury (Scotland)--------117
12. T Brian Niska (Canada)-------117
14. Hiroshi Okado (Japan)--------108
15. Floyd Dean (USA)------------105
16. Francois Blanche (Canada)-----90

1. Tim Rajeff (USA)-----------152
2. Jerry Seim (USA)-----------141
3. Knut Syrstad (Norway)-----140

1. Donna O’Sullivan (USA)---- 65


1. Ian Gordon (Scotland)----------272
2. Knut Syrstad (Norway) ---------271
3. Mariusz Wroblewski (USA)-------237
4. T Bill Drury (Scotland)-----------236
4. T Way Yin (USA) ---------------236
6. Andrew Toft (Scotland) ---------232
7. Steve Choate (USA) ------------225
8. Tak Shimosawa (Japan)--------- 214
9. Steve Rajeff (USA) -------------213
10. Hiroshi Okada (Japan) ----------204
11. Nobuo Nodera (Japan) ---------199
12. Brian Niska (Canada)-----------193
13. T Floyd Dean (USA)------------166
13. T Foster Reed (USA) ----------166
15. Francois Blanche (Canada)-----157
16. Robert Minuzzo ---------------146

1. Ian Gordon (Scotland) ------- 273
2. Knut Syrstad (Norway) ------ 257
3. Mariusz Wroblewski (USA)---- 230

1. Donna O’Sullivan (USA) -------134

We would like to thank all the competitors, spectators, partiticipants and exhibitors that came from near and far to attend this event.

Wayne Taylor

President, Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club

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Spey O Rama

On behalf of Bill Drury and myself, I would like to thank Wayne and everyone else at the GGACC for the warm hospitality we received in San Francisco. We had a fantastic time, meeting new friends along with swapping new ideas.
A truly special club run by truly special people.

The format for the casting event was the best I have seen. Casting off both shoulders is something we have to do here on the Spey, so, it should only follow that a true "speycasting" competition should encompass both.
It would be breath of fresh air if orginisers of UK competition took note of this format.

I would also like to point out, that it was a Partridge 95' head[made by Shakespeare UK] and not a jetstream line that I used. These Partridge lines will be available shortly, I will keep everyone posted on their availablity.
Once again many thanks to - Michelle, Ricardo, Mariuze, Mel and everyone else at GGACC.

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