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Spey Fishers,
Here is a unique opportunity.
Maybe you just read a thread on the Spey Pages about some new whiz-banger fly line, but it costs a heck of a lot more than you really want to risk of your hard earned money just to try it. What if you don't like it? It's going to be hard to take back a used spey line. What if you could try that new fly line before you buy it. And what if you could try that new line and a couple other competing brands while you were at it. That would lower your risk and elevate your knowledge at the same time. Sounds like a program we would like to have access to ourselves. That is why we put together the vast collection of spey lines listed in the program I am going to tell you about. We have assembled a collection of the 22 most popular spey lines so that we could have a complete set of tools to learn with. Now we can share this collection of spey lines with you, so that you can make better inform decisions and purchases.
We trust that you will find the program useful and the prices extremely fair. Found Exclusively Here.

The Sandy River Spey Clave Video is coming along very nicely. The video is done except for some narration.
Then it will be up to Native Fish Society for distrubution.
In most ways the quality and content in the final version of this instructional/documentary video has exceeded our initial concept and expectations. I will keep you informed as to when you can obtain a copy.

Fish long & prosper,
Mark Bachmann
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