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Which Spey Line head lengths do you prefer?

  • classic shooting heads (35ft - 45ft)

    Votes: 369 46.5%
  • extended belly shooting heads (50ft - 60ft)

    Votes: 134 16.9%
  • the midspeys (65ft range)

    Votes: 177 22.3%
  • long belly Spey lines (70ft+)

    Votes: 162 20.4%
  • classic long belly double tapers

    Votes: 37 4.7%

Spey Line Preferences

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I'm interested in getting a sense of which general line types are preferred by Spey Clave members
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Line Pref.

My highest priority is the one that has a fly on the end of it that makes Mr. Fish go "MUNCH!"

Actually, it's kind of strange; I can cast tips, WC's, DT's, TT's Aclrtrs ..... but I'm a complete klutz with the RIO Midspey. :rolleyes:
Hi Dana I can `t understand how you failed to include the 120 foot double taper Sci Angler which is the only spey line of the bunch. If you cant cast one of these you arn`t a spey caster.:devil:
Airflo DT-10_F

I too was kind of wondering why the venerable old double-taper wasn't on the list. Is it simply a sign of the times to cast off the comfortable old tried and true for the glamour of the new and improved/approved, hmmm. . .
Your user friendly DT still works wonders close-in, mid-range, and at some length when required. After-the-cast line control with a DT is second to none in my books. As a bonus, while hi-tech, engineered, hybrid line configurations garner attention in the spotlight on sex appeal, and in escalating prices at the till, the lowly DT often languishes in the shadows of the bargain bin = a great line at a great price. I'm a happy camper with my DT.

Floating line = Accelerator
Sink tips = Windcutter

Didn't like the TT or the Midspey.

...well, I guess I was trying to be a little too "all-inclusive" in the long belly Spey line choice--I figured it would catch everything 70ft and up. But I will add it!

BTW, you can choose more than one if you like (I did...but don't tell anyone!)
make sure you use the ticky box votie thingy...

...at the top of the page to record you general preferences!
Dana: kick in an extra vote for me for the

long belly DT's. The line of choice with my Bruce/Walker 18' 10wt. Cast a short country mile, mend out even further. At the other end of the scale a regular 90' 8wt DT is a grand line on the 'green' Sage 136 7wt rod.

PS: Talked to Andy Zwan (fish-head on the Board) and he said he hooked up 48!!!!!!! winter steelhead out of his boat over this past 4 day weekend. Math test: Andy comes in at about 190-205#, about 6-3'ish. Question: how many concrete building blocks is it going to take before we're assured he will never be 'found?'
favorite line

So how do I retract my vote for a 70' belly, & cast a vote for the DT?:D
Dana, I think we need to have a re-vote (and no, my name is not Al Gore). The addition of DT lines makes for a much more valid set of alternatives, and the poll hasn't lasted long, or gotten a vast number of responses. Let's record the results to date, then do it over with all five choices.
Agree with the need for a recount! It's a completely different poll now with the addition of the DT then what we started with.

And if there is a new poll, how about poling separately between full floaters and sink tips?

don't forget

a DT wet-tip!,,,and i also cast my vote for `goob with the mid-spey' i never found a rod that liked it=:confused:
The Poll let me vote for TWO lines. Is it supposed to allow you to do that?

- David

How about Skagit lines? Seems there may be a significant percentace of users not showing here.
Do I get to vote twice? Once for long bellies and again for Skagits?:D
Depends on the time of the year and my delivery...

Long bellies for the early season and all of my dry line work.

Skagit heads for winter tip work.

JDJones said:
Do I get to vote twice? Once for long bellies and again for Skagits?:D
I did not get to vote twice but I had two selections checked when I hit submit.

- David
I'm just a regular boring windcutter guy...............
JD - I'm assuming skagit falls under the first catagory
I am amazed how high the per centage is for long bellies. It would be interesting to see how that breaks down between the US and the UK.

- David
The omission of the Skagit lines probably invalidates this poll

The omission of the Skagit lines probably invalidates this poll.:confused:

A friend and new comer to the two handed rods asked his Mrs Santa Claus to buy him a Skagit 450 for Christmas. In the second week of December with my help, she placed her Skagit 450 order at the local fly shop. The line was apparently on back order until the first week of Feb..

The Outbound Floaters are being used by many of us with our lighter two handed rods. My son and DIL tried to order two of the OB floating lines for two of my rods for Christmas, and they ran into a similiar backorder problem shortly after Thanksgiving. He finally got the lines a couple of days before Christmas. The floating 10W works very well with my Sage 5120, and the floating 8W will probably never leave my Meiser 5/6 Switch rod except when I put an Outbound 8W intermediate on it for deep fishing from my boat, the shore and Shad this May/June. With these lines, I can Skagit, Double Spey, Snake Roll and overhand/head cast with minimal effort.:)

The OB intermediates are rocket launchers :saeek: for surf casting, shore casting at ponds/streams and the shorter two handed rods in a boat.

Since last summer, when I discovered that my floating tips could be used with my Skagit lines, I have only used the floating and sinking tips from my WC's, MS's and GS's. The rest of the lines are collecting dust along with my floating MS and Cannon lines. I doubt that I'm the only one in this situation. ;)
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