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Have a link?

Spey Flies and How To Tie Them by Bob Veverka is available to pre-order thru Amazon, to be released January 1st. Save 23% - $26.86 for paperback edition.
Have one of the original's and getting more than a bit 'thread bear' (pun intended) from use, or is that 'juice?' Doing a 'tie' and Ms. Cat-Cat sitting on the middle of the page.

'Madam ... would you mind?' Flick of the tail answered that. She would. Daughter took a picture of her, on of all things, her cell phone. She's sitting on top of my desk looking at a screen of solitaire cards. Black Jack onto the Red Queen?


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As someone who gave up on ever owning this book, this is good news. I had even emailed the publisher at one point asking if another edition/reprint was a possibility and I was told it was not.

Thanks for the heads up!
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