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Well, I'll start by affirming other's comments about what an outstanding, well-run event this was with exceptionally friendly people and wonderful venue. A round of hearty Congrats and Thanks goes to Mark Bachmann and the Oxbow park rangers (who went above-and-beyond tracking down my misplaced video camera Saturday nite after the park had closed :rolleyes: )

I'd like to follow up on a few comments I (and others) have made.

Watersprite - the Rio Grandspey line did make an appearance, but there wasn't a "presentation" built around it (Simon used a WindCutter on his primary demo rod) like the SA line. But he did have a T&T 15' 10wt rigged with it that was available to cast if you asked him. I liked the line and am looking forward to my next chance to experiment with it (I was already pretty tired by the time I cast it on Saturday)

As for my earlier comments on "That Line" (SA Long Belly)?

Well, there ~was~ a lot of hype. ;)

I've heard so much hype about the next great spey rods (I won't mention brands but found them somewhat disappointing) to reels and lines that I'd become a bit callous as to any hype-to-product relationship.

Then I watched Steve Choate (a wonderful fellow who deserves all his nicknames and who's acquaintance I was happy to make) cast this line into the next timezone during his demo. OK - but that's Steve. What about me??

Then he graciously allowed me to try the line on the Burkheimer rod he was casting after the presentation was over. Yeah, it cast amazing distances without shooting line. But maybe that was because the Burk is such an awesome rod??

Then I finally cast it on a Sage 9150 - a rod I am very familiar with. And Yes - same result. :)

So Congratulations :D to the line's creators and testers. You've developed a truely impressive product. And I, for one, LIKE the Orange color!! Will look forward to adding one to my collection.

It was also a treat to have the opportunity to try out (on water and grass) so many fine rods and lines from the various manufacturers.

And the Presenters?? Well, lets just say I was Damn Glad to get my video camera back :smokin: as there was no way I could have remembered all the great tips and awesome demos I witnessed without a little assist from Technology! Simon, Dec, Andy and the others spent a LOT of time helping the participants refine their casting skills.

Was also great to meet Rob Allen, Crusty, and many others from the board.

I'm still a bit overwhelmed - there was so much to See and Do and it was all crammed into 1 short day! I don't think I've ever written this long a post!

Tight Lines Y'all,


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I woke up at 4:30am E/T (1:30 P/T) and scrambled for the door, stumbled down the stairs and waddled thru security screening with my bags a couple of hours later, thinking to myself how this precious and rare frequent flyer ticket being used for one day on the other side of the country could get me a week of primetime in the fall. My destination was Seattle, via connection in Houston(?!). A long hellish commute was ahead of me... wait... "what am I doing??" I boarded and was committed, the plane lifted off over a sleepy Logan Airport.

About 12 hours later I high five'd Doublespey as we hooked up in Seattle to make the drive down to Portland. At ~9:30 that same night, almost 21 hours since I awoke, Doublespey and I arrived at Andre's before getting our Oregon licenses and settling down to a dram of Dalwhinnie before grabbing a catnap before an early start to get a little time on the water before the clave. Almost 24 hours had transpired. Let's just say I went through hell for the privilege of waking up within driving distance of this event. Thanks to Doublespey and Andre, it was as pleasant a mad marathon as one could possibly have. I slept like a rock. I slept like a rock beneath a rock.

More than once I wondered if it was really worth it as I ran for a connection gate (just to sit delayed for two hours in a plane).

Well, what unfolded before me in the hours to follow was absolutely unforgettable, I am deeply honored to have taken part in it and I'd suffer ten times the trouble for half of what I just experienced over the last couple of days.

Once I dig out of the hole I created at the office, I will put up a proper report and gallery.

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Thanks for enduring all the discomforts of travel for a 'bit o' time' at the Clave, I enjoyed your company and the chance to thank you personally for your work on this Forum.

Sorry Andre had to return for the camera Sunday morning, but it was in safe-keeping, as you well know.

Laura and I surely look forward to seeing you and all our other friends next year, at the 2003 Sandy River Spey Clave.

Laura wants an opinion survey: would anyone like to have chili with venison?

Our best wishes to all, Bob & Laura

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Spey Clave

We left my house in Fremont, California at 3:30 AM and headed for the Sacramento Airport, picking up 2 more members of our smallish fly club in the bay area. Arriving at the clave about 11:30 am, we immeadiately headed for the demonstrations.

I headed for the rods and test casted for 4 hours, trying to match a rod to my paultry casting style.

Hats off to all the manufactures that did show up with many rods to test. A big thank you goes to the former Marriott's fly shop person (Scott Rods) who was so patient with me, asnwering countless questions and even giving me a couple of demo's. This will go a long way to making my decision on my second spey rod. The next day I narrowed it down to a couple of rods, and hopefully will get it soon.

May I add a small suggestion?

When patrons would like to lawn cast a demo rod, maybe the makers could provide a GRASS leader that would allow the proper amount of drag. I know this is a small thing, but it might assist the investigator feel the load of the rod a little better. I could have been better prepared and brought my own, but I am a lamer and didn't know too much about lawn casting.

Many thanks for the warm soup and refreshments provided by Bob and Laura in the 5th wheel?

I learned more in the 2 hours of networking with you guys then in the past two years of practice.

As a parting shot, we stopped by the fly shop in Welchs? and thanked those who made it possible and put it all together.

I look forward to meeting a few more of you at the next one.

All the best

Jerry Snyder
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