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Im just got a 9wt Orvis Trident spey rod as a
supplement to all my other flyrods. Ive tried it
a few times at our local casting pond and am not doing too bad, but could obviously benefit from
a more formalized 'on the river' class or some

Ive chekked out schools in my area (San Francisco), and the only one Ive found so far is a two day class by Mel Krieger up in Redding. However I think that 590$ + housing etc is a bit steep, so I was wondering if anyone knows about alternatives. I dont mind driving for a few hours nor taking a couple of days off. I chekked the Orvis schools, but they only do traditional flycasting.
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Svend, I would suggest finding a flyshop in your area that does a lot of two-handed business and seeing if did private lessons or if they occasionally arranged group lessons. Some shops will do that if they have enough spey customers. For example, my local shop has arranged several group lessons for this weekend with a very good spey instructor named Charles St Pierre. Hood River would be a long trip for this kind of lesson, though. Too bad you missed Fred's shindig a month or so ago.

I believe that Kiene's flyshop in Sacratormento does a lot of spey business. You may want to check with them (www.kiene.com).

Good luck,
Another 'local' suggestion is Rick Jorgenson on the board.

Rick is a 'pro-guide,' amoung other good things. Excellent spey caster, lives in Santa Rosa, etc. Have him take you on a guided trip and you'll have a great time and get excellent lessons on your two handed rod.

Best of all .... you'll probably bring home dinner.
spey casting lessons

Eugene is right. Kiene's Fly Shop in Sacramento has superb classes with Simon Gawesworth.
Svend -
Head over to Golden Gate Park and Angler's Lodge. This is the best casting facility in the world and a number of the members are good Spey caster's. Some are very good! While you won't be on moving water, you can get good basic instruction for FREE!
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