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Spey Casting Instruction

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Can anyone recommend a good spey casting instructor in the Chicago area? I am interested in getting started, have the Brown and Rio tapes, but do not want to "self teach" for fear of developing bad habits. Someone located in the north or northwest suburbs would be most convenient for me, but I am willing to travel. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Spey Class

Dana's course in Oct. is only about 6-8 hours from where you are, also the savings you make on the dollar would pay for traveling cost. If interested you might want to post that your going to attend, maybe someone from your area will join you.
Just a suggestion
If interested call Grindstone: (905) 689-0880
P.S. you could take a couple of extra days and fish our area, should be some Steelhead and Salmon in!
Thanks for the suggestion. I would, however, like to find something closer to home.
Spey lesson suggestions

I'm only 2 hours north of you in Sheboygan, Wi. and would gladly help you out. I also know some very talented speycasters (who are also casting instructors) in the area. They taught me what I know. For details, e-mail me.

[email protected]

casting lessons

Go to Rio's web site, I think "www.rioproducts.com" and find Simon Gawesworth's schedule of schools. Simon is tops.
Suzuki GZ250
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