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Spey Casting by Simon Gawesworth is THE book on spey casting, IMHO. I just reread it after a long hiatus. The depth of Simon's knowledge revealed in this book is a marvel. As my knowledge of spey casting increases, I can more deeply appreciate the subtleties Simon offers.

This book states the fundamentals of spey, in a manner that I find easy to understand. The use of massive color photos on practically every page matches images to the words, which is what every caster needs.

No Speyaholic should be without it.

I commented on this book when it came out, but after rereading it [who knows how many] times, I appreciate it more than I did at the first reading. Full marks Simon! [A bit of Brit speak!]

Now I'll dive into Al Buhr's book Two-Handed Fly Casting.
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