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Ok, so I have a little boat now for lake fishing and am thinking I should maybe get a bigger boat for rivers. Now, I know a thing or two about Spey casting but I'm basically a complete rookie when it comes to watercraft on rivers (well, sort of--I was certified to charter sailboats to 50ft in 1991 but I never kept up with it)--Jet boat, drift boat, raft, pontoon boat--what do you use and why?
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As for single watercraft rafts. I got three questions.

It seems that the WaterStrider & Watermaster are the top favorites. Anyone have a feedback of differences on their single person crafts?

Also, as for pricing was anyone able to get any good deals or reccomend a good dealer?

Third, it won't be often, but would it be hard to taxi my favorite four legged fishing partner in the event the current was to tough to cross? That is of course if the dog participated. Not sure if it is a brillant idea, due to claws? The dog is a 40lb lab....
1 - 1 of 58 Posts
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