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Ok, so I have a little boat now for lake fishing and am thinking I should maybe get a bigger boat for rivers. Now, I know a thing or two about Spey casting but I'm basically a complete rookie when it comes to watercraft on rivers (well, sort of--I was certified to charter sailboats to 50ft in 1991 but I never kept up with it)--Jet boat, drift boat, raft, pontoon boat--what do you use and why?
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Ed, I am having a difficult time envisioning the configuration of your boat bottom. Flat? slight vee? narrow beam (under 60"?). On one hand, you say it has a flat bottom, but you contrast it against flat bottom jons, just a little confused.

reason I ask is because there are many boat makers in Oregon who will customize, or who have designs that may be like yours with slight modification, would work for a shallow water, modest capacity river boat - Koffler's "sled boat" for instance, available flat or 6 degree V.
the photo helps, looks similar to the roguemarine.com stealth boat

so how wide? Totally flat, or very slight vee?
from a post I made in 11/20/2001: "I use rodmounts pontoon boat mount system (rodmounts com) on my Pac 900 - works like a charm for $75."

Still is true. Problem is, I just looked on their website, and can't seem to find them anymore. Discontinued?

I am still working on a good system for my driftboat, right now they just hang out of the back, but actually it works well. If it is windy, I use my tackle bag and other stuff to keep them from blowing around. The main benefit of not having them firmly held is last minute flexibility to reposition them, as when pulling under overhanging branches at that sweet tailout!
1 - 3 of 58 Posts
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