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More than just fish?

If you are looking at just catching fish, then there are a few rivers that will be great for that, especially on weekdays (significantly less crowds). The Saugeen River in Southampton would be a great option as it has a heavy stocking program (great for the table). However, it is one of the furthest rivers if you are staying in the GTA.

For wild fish as has been stated, the Maitland is a great river, and has some lovely scenic stretches. This is a great river to fish by boat...

If you want intimate rivers that have lovely scenery, the Bighead is a great option. However, timing of this river can be difficult. But having said that, a large portion of this river will open at that time, which means you can find them if you are willing to cover water.

As for the urban options, the Credit will be busy, but there is some decent water for swinging. The same is true for the Humber (real urban river). This river has some great water, and is often overlooked for swinging flies.

If you plan on fishing the Saugeen, Maitland or Grand, it is best fished with your longer rods, whereas the Bighead, Credit, Humber, and even the Nottawasaga, your switch will be just fine.
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