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Some gaudy looking married wing spey flies ;-)

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Hello All ;-)

My name is Søren Rafn and I started tying flies this summer and am thorougly addicted by now. I live in Denmark, so fly fishing is primarily for baltic sea trout. I started tying shrimp and gammarus imitations but quickly got hooked on classic salmon flies, and by this route fell in love with the shrimpy spey flies and the more fuller dressed dee flies. Two weeks ago I tied my first married wing fly, a Monte Smith pattern - the Icy Blue Spey - and it kinda took off from there. Here is the last five flies I have tied - please let me know what you think ;-)

Tight lines ;-)
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seriously. marry me.
Hmmmmm, Baltic seatrout? Do you need a new friend? Lol. Very nice flies esp for a new tyer.
Welcome to the forum :)
Your body work is very good and proportions too , very nice work !!
Hard to believe you have been tying for such a short period of time , very impressive .
I look forward to viewing more of your work .


a fresh take on a cool pattern platform! I'm digging it. You really nailed something with your orange pattern (2nd pic), hopefully it will swing right orientation-wise in the water. Your 4th fly tho..... White with a wh/bl/black wing I can see driving your seatrout bonkers! very cool fly and in dressed very well both proportion wise as well sparseness to your hook.

Welcome and I look forward to seeing more from you as well.

Welcome to the site and nice job. I wish my wings were as consistent as yours.
these are really cool flies, thanks for sharing them.
Hi Sören,
I can´t believe you are only fishing for seatrout. Your flies look very nice and I´m sure they will catch Salmon in danish rivers, particulary the yellow/orange pattern should be very good in Skjern a,Varde a and all the other nice rivers in your country. There are not may anglers using classic patterns, so it´s tolally differet which might be an advantage over tubeflies.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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