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SOLD: Selling A Watch, Citizen Eco Drive;

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I don't know about you guys but I wear a watch most of the time. The problem is that I can only wear one watch unless I want to risk looking silly.

The watch in the pictures below is in fine working order. I paid 444.95 for it back in 2005 but did it no harm. It is quite able to stand being submerged and is the chronograph style dial keeping day - date - month as well as time and current moon phase. It has a two tone band and the crystal is not scratched. As you can see by the marks on the clasp I've fished it a lot, if you have poor close range vision you might want to pass on it because reading the date can be a challenge if you don't see well. All told it's a nice timepiece.

It is an Eco Drive Solar power which keeps a battery charged and runs about 180 days in the dark.

It is a fairly large watch measuring 40 mm across and 42.5 mm when measured at the crown.

I would love to get 225.00 for it and I'll cover the postage to you as long as you reside in the States. If you are in Canada I'll cover what it would cost to mail in the States and charge the difference to you.

If you measure your wrist I'll size it so that it will fit you. I'll also adjust it to your time zone for you. These are rather tricky to set first time around because of the many functions but the booklet is with the watch and explains how to get the watch set up correctly.

Thanks for checking it out,


P.S. I have a few others I am selling but didn't want to flood the pages with watches. The brands are Tag Heuer and Tissot if interested send a PM and I'll provide details and pictures to you.
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A very nice watch, I wear a Citizen eco-drive as well.

Good luck on the sale, and a bump ttt :)
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