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For those to whom it may matter, and barring unforseen circumstances, I will once again be attending the Sandy Clave, as usual as a "private citizen," and will be available to demo and teach the Snap-V cast, on my Echo or Snowbee rods, or your rod(s). Whatever.

I shouldn't be too hard to find. I'm 6'2" and 260+ pounds (roughly Kush's size, though not as ugly), with a full, grey (well, okay, mostly white) beard. On my bald pate I'll likely be wearing a black Echo ball cap, or a slightly antique (some would say disreputable) Tilley hat, or, if it is really cold, a red wool cap. If it's raining I'll be in my usual electric blue, calf length rain coat.

I usually keep on the move trying out all the groovy new rods, but if I am immobile I'll most likely be watching a demo (I never miss Simon's), in the chow line (I didn't get to 260+ pounds by dieting), or hanging around the Echo/Airflo display to try out the brand new, just in (finally, after long last) first two full production models of the Echo Classic two-hand rods from the fervid mind, talented hands and boundless energy of Tim Rajeff - the 12 1/2 foot 6/7 and the 13 foot 7/8 - joining the three Echo2 two-tip Scandi/Skagit rods already out of the gate. Tim is also going to have the final production prototypes of the 13 1/2 foot 8/9 and the 14 foot 9/10 Echo Classic two-hand rods there as well.

Tim thinks the four Echo Classics are the best two-hand rods made for under $300. But then again, he would, wouldn't he? I cast the original first prototypes and they were damn good then. These are several generations later, so I'm betting he's right. I guess we'll all just have to try 'em and see. Lots of Echo goodies to try.

I and my Spey momma will be in the campground, sharing a site with Poppy and Mrs. Red Shed, who might also know where I am at any given moment.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.
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