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Snap C casting problem

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Well, Here it goes. My first post! I have been spey fishing for about a year now and did attend Dana's spey class in BC this past Feb. That really helped me a lot. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on the problem that I have been having with the Snap C cast. I am using a windcutter line with a 15' type 6 head. My problem is with the anchor point and firing target. Most of the time, I make my reverse C and my anchor point is placed somewhere upstream and then I fire a nice cast out, which makes me happy. Sometimes my line fires out and then crosses over itself. Yikes!!!! I am trying to set my target at 90 degree's out. I guess I'm not sure how to figure out where my target is in relation with my anchor point. I know if that my anchor point is close to me I fire at about 45 degrees to prevent this line cross. Am I on the right track here? Maybe someone can explain this to me.

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Kush, thanks for the info. I don't think I'm getting tailing loops. The loops seem to start to go out fine and then the line hits/crosses from the side, not the bottom. I think my application of power is fine. Yea, like you said, I don't have to apply lots of power. Its more like the rod/line direction problem. I have experimented today and if I throw my line just a bit more upstream, I don't seem to have the problem. Does it makes sense if you want to cast upstream to position your anchor point differently?

Fred, I just call this cast the snap C, I'm not sure ,its probably the snap T or circle spey. I lift the rod up at 45 degress and make a reverse C to move my line upstream. Sorry about the terminology.

Thanks to everyone that has responded to my post. You all have given me a lot of different things to think about and try out. Since I am only 5 mins away from the American river, I went out and experimented yesterday evening. It seems by placing my anchor, just a bit further upstream and thinking about the 180 degree rule made a big difference. I had only a couple of line crosses. At this point I have experimented with all the basic casts and with long and short belly lines. So, I have decided to stick with the short belly lines and practice more to improve my over all consistency. I'm getting out as much as I can and I am trying to balance out the practicing vs fishing.

Thanks again,
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