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Snap C casting problem

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Well, Here it goes. My first post! I have been spey fishing for about a year now and did attend Dana's spey class in BC this past Feb. That really helped me a lot. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on the problem that I have been having with the Snap C cast. I am using a windcutter line with a 15' type 6 head. My problem is with the anchor point and firing target. Most of the time, I make my reverse C and my anchor point is placed somewhere upstream and then I fire a nice cast out, which makes me happy. Sometimes my line fires out and then crosses over itself. Yikes!!!! I am trying to set my target at 90 degree's out. I guess I'm not sure how to figure out where my target is in relation with my anchor point. I know if that my anchor point is close to me I fire at about 45 degrees to prevent this line cross. Am I on the right track here? Maybe someone can explain this to me.

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Additional thoughts

These points have been made but I'll try to say things a bit differently. The anchor point needs to be above where you are casting - if you want to cast 90 degrees, when you make the snap and rotate so you are facing across stream, the anchor needs to land just above you.

A key point that Derek indicates in his video is that when you do the final switch cast (and as others have said) it needs to be 180 degrees opposite your target. What often happens is that if your anchor lands too far upstream or if you have too much stick, most of the line will end up 180 degrees as it should but the end will still be at 90 degrees or parallel to the river flow (I think it is Simon's bloodly L) - I would think this would be more prevalent with a sink tip. This bit of line will often cause the collision you describe. Try to watch the tip carefully when you make your cast and try to ensure that it all turns when you make the switch cast (roll cast)
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