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Snap C casting problem

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Well, Here it goes. My first post! I have been spey fishing for about a year now and did attend Dana's spey class in BC this past Feb. That really helped me a lot. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on the problem that I have been having with the Snap C cast. I am using a windcutter line with a 15' type 6 head. My problem is with the anchor point and firing target. Most of the time, I make my reverse C and my anchor point is placed somewhere upstream and then I fire a nice cast out, which makes me happy. Sometimes my line fires out and then crosses over itself. Yikes!!!! I am trying to set my target at 90 degree's out. I guess I'm not sure how to figure out where my target is in relation with my anchor point. I know if that my anchor point is close to me I fire at about 45 degrees to prevent this line cross. Am I on the right track here? Maybe someone can explain this to me.

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"Snap C?"

Doug/Kush: this is not a name for a cast that rings any bells with me. Can you describe how this works, or would I/we know it by another name.
With knod of acknowledgement to Dr. 'Spey Bubba" and Steve C.

THE major thing I got out of our clinic (other than I was clueless on how to do a lot of the basics .... even a 'blind pig' can find an Acorn thing' :rolleyes: ) is the cast has to be over the anchor. From that point, almost regardless of the cast, it's going to do/go where you 'aim.'

Way/Steve/Dana: if I'm off on this JUMP IN QUICK.:eek:
"ER" sounds like your fishing the Rogue for the Springers.

Same 'trick, ' tain't pretty, but it does the job when your chucking a 300 ro 400 grain head to go "deep and dirty.'
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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