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Hi Guys, Here are a few of my snaketruders, i have been fishing these for sea run browns. plus they fished well for me in BC.

Three in hand,

Showing how flexi they are,

Showing the loop of wire i tie them on, its Beadalon 0.24"dia the ones above i have a brass cone under the head hackle. to give the wight if needed,

Hope you like the ties,


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awesome really

I love intruders and yours are among the coolest I've seen - and I love the innovative use of beading wire as the entire shank of the fly. My only issue with intruders is losing them to the bottom. Probably takes me as long to construct one good intruder as it would take Adrian to pump out a butcher. But boy, do they ever catch fish.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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