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Or perry snake, if you prefer.

I was recently working on techniques for tight quarters based on Skagit techniques introduced to me by Ed Ward on a cliff area on the Saulk, particularly the perry poke in this case. I was on the right bank with the trees about a rod length or so behind me and there was no way one could use a normal d-loop to throw a working cast 60-90 feet or more.

This was a spot where shorter, more concentrated grain lines were the ticket but even then the only two workable casts were a left-handed single spey with a tight angle back downstream or a perry poke.

Being a snake roller on right bank verses a double-spey'er, I would forget about the tight quarters and start a snake, then realize I could not complete it without snarling the belly into the branches (which I did once or twice).

On one such occasion, I started the snake and remembered mid-cast, lowering the butt to the opposite hip and laying down a perry poke anchor in one move. Well from there it was a simple matter of forming a forwardly proportioned d-loop and firing off the cast.

For much of the morning I practiced this combination of a snake poke, and find it to be a very efficient cast for very tight quarters. It works well from both sides, left handed for left bank.

Give it a try, I think you'll find it to be a good technique for tight quarters to add to your arsenal.
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