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Snaelda is maybe not most beautiful fly but it is effective pattern.
What also important not so difficult to tie. Only problem is with create fatty durable body.
This season I started using new tubes with diameter 5mm.
They are much heavier than 4mm version. It is nice with faster water because fly faster is on proper depth.
Of course always is little bit more difficult to cast heavier fly but not so difficult.
With strong wing I used water born cast and when weather was better also single spey .

Maybe fixing soft tube is not necessary but why not ;)

First I fix hairs only little bit to have chance to correct them.

Last part of tube is cylindrical it is why when we carefully go to edge fly become much more slim.
Of course if we like we can stop earlier and fly will stay more open. I think on photo it is very visible

I put on body some varnish to protect slippery of chenille .
Now only one layer of chenille (it is absolutely enough) and tinsel .

Now hackle . in fact we can stop in this moment or we can add cone head. For tubes with flange I use deep drilled cones.

When we use tubes without flange we need to first fix lining .
During tying tube without flange I put thread on lining to reduce free space. after to fix tube and lining is possible to apply droplet of surer glue but with little bit practice it is not necessary. simply thread gives enough resistance. For them I use signature cones 5,5mm

And ready two version . Topp tied on tube with flange is theoretically more durable but I had 12 fish on fly tied on tube without flange. For me good enough result .

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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