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The weather has been it's usual bi-polar self around here, near 80 one day then snowing the next. We had a break in the action and set out to check some small water haunts to see the status of the runoff. Water is high, cold and off color, good to see sense the last few years have been very dry. Good times

Water Sky Plant Natural landscape Fluvial landforms of streams

Flowing high

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle Water

The best way to cover ground

Tire Sky Wheel Plant Cloud

Plant Sky Water Plant community Cloud

Nap Time...this stuff is so hard!

Photograph Vertebrate Organism Fish Adaptation

Trout Trifecta out of the same creek

Water Sky Plant Plant community Cloud

His hard fighting rock

Water Cloud Sky Water resources Plant

Purdy Country

Food Table Tableware Recipe Tin can

Indian Tacos at a small Mom & Pop stand in a tiny town...always a good way to end a day!


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