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Skagits, multi tips and shooting heads for sale
Steve godshall BC scandi head floating 10.4 metres weight 39 grams, superb line for fishing sunrays, perfect taper for turning over big flies and sinking polyleaders brand new£40.

Steve godshall sink 4 skagit 26 feet 8 metres 557 grains or 36 grams, fantastic line to speycast because of the longer length waterborne casts with tips upto 179 grains are not needed with this line the taper is spot on.

steve godshall sink 2.5 imtermediate skagit head 28 feet or 8.6 metres same class of line as the one above

steve godshall multitip shooting head 45 feet long13.8 metres, 40 grams.
Will handle the lighter rio multi tips the 8 0r 9wt set are perfect comes with floating tip only.
Superb line for bigger rivers and really long casts . New condition generic bag

Steve godshall intermediate multitip shooting head 41 feet or 12.5 metres 37 grams 571 grains, come with only its intermediate tip.
Best with the 8 or 9 rio tips, great for distance casting. New condition generic bab

Scientific ultimate scandi taper 9/10 sink 3/4 12.2 metres one of the most popular line systems in norway and sweden test cast only.
Sink 1/2 head same as above £40

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