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For about an hour today, I had a great time "Skagiting", spey casting and overhand casting with an Outbound WF8F & Meiser 5/6 Switch Rod.

Originally, I had bought the Rio WC 5/6 floating line for this rod, and it never really worked. So I used various one handed lines and a WC 678 with tip two removed with just the floating tip or no tips. No Spey line really seemed to get really get the max out of this great little rod. So it got pigeon holed for nymphing, high sticking and using 6 and 7 wt DT dry lines with roll casts and overhand casts.

The Outbound WF8F seems to be a perfect match for this rod. With a 10' leader and 2-3' of tippet and a good sized #4 wet fly, it was easy to shoot 1-2 rod lengths of shooting line from the rod tip, with standard double speys and skagit double spey casts.

50' roll casts were effortless and on target. Combining a roll cast to set up an overhand cast, I bounced a couple of flies off of rocks on the opposite shore. I was able to shoot 2-3+ rod lengths of shooting line with the overhand casts. To get the above distances required a little more concentration and effort than with my Sage 5120 and the OB WF10F line.

With the Outbound lines, this Meiser rod and my Sage 5120 will cover any trout river in California. :lildevl: Also, the Meiser switch rod can be cast from my boat and isn't too long to safely bring in a fish.

Again, thanks to RickJ for telling us to try the Outbound WF Floating lines as Skagit lines.
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