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Looking for something new and different to use on the local salmon. Any formulas using t-14 or opinions on the airflo and rio skagit heads that would work on my 9143 would be appreciated.

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Burky's 9143 handles Rio 550 Skagit Spey lines with poise and confidence.

I fished this rod for a week chasing Atlantic salmon using a floating Skagit setup consisting of:
- 550 Rio Skagit Spey line, 27' long
- Rio 7.8.9 floating Cheater, 5-foot long, 65 grains
- Rio 15-foot Floating tip, 150 grains, [from a WC 9.10.11 set]
- total head length 27+5+15 = 47-feet
- toal head weight of 550+65+150 = 765 grains
- a 15-foot leader plus the 14' rod gave a no-shoot cast length of 76-feet.

FLOATING SKAGIT LINE, WITH A 5' CHEATER: The above setup executes perfect single speys more effortlessly than any rod I have cast. Casting and stepping the St. Jean, York and Grand with a series of single speys made me understand the old country desire to keep the single spey alive and well. There is no more elegant way to fish a run. THIS WAS THE WEEK THAT I GOT IT!

Burky's 9143 casts 15-foot sink tips with "delight," an adjective I used on no other rod. Following is the data from our report.
***- Using the Rio 550 Skagit casing Rio 15-foot tips weighing 129, 150, 166, 190 and 205 tips "with delight!"***
- The 550 alsos casts the following T-14 tips with ease.
8' 112-g
10' 140-gr
12' 168-gr
15' 210-gr
20' 280-gr
25' 350-gr

- casts the BigBoy 300-grain, 24-foot tip more easily than the 20' or 25
T14 tips. In my opinion, the BigBoy300 is THE dredger line for this rod.

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The Power Taper 9/10 is awesome on this rod.
It comes at 13 meters at 580 grains. You trim it down 3 meters to about 530 and you are in business. These babies are available in floating, intermediate and a variety of density compenstated sinkers. The Hover is the best platform for a sink tip system I have ever used. Sink tips or poly leaders attach to the business end to complete the deal.

Email [email protected] if you would like me to send you one to try.
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