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Joe R
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Does anyone know how Sandi lines with their sink rates of 1 - 5 compare to rio sink rates and t14?

I am thinking of using Vision and Guideline lines but dont know if they will go deep enough for winter fishing the Skagit

Jack Cook
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Hard but possible

Since you are comparing a 30+ foot head of full sink to a 1 foot tip it is apples to oranges. First of all T-xxx from Rio is all type 8, 8 inches per second.

On the Skagit a Guideline S2/3 is usually all that is required. In faster water or really high water an S3/4 may be required but not often. Most of the time a 3/4 will have you right on the bottom.

If using the Guideline DDC then we go a bit heavier. SInce 2/3 of the belly is Hover density I often use an S3/4 Belly tip. This puts me right in the zone. An S4/5 Belly tip is available but often puts you right on the bottom, too deep.

On all these Guideline heads I am using a Fast Sink or Super Fast Sink polyleader and a 1 gram tube fly . I do not notice a lot of difference in depth between these two polys. If I want a bit more I go to a 1.5 gram tube dressed sparsely for more penetration.

There are so many places one can adjust these systems that the granularity is amazing.

Beacuse I can use less weight and less density to get the presentation to the fish I find this a very easy way to fish, enjoyable and rewarding.

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You have mentioned that most of the time on the Skagit you use S2/3 with fast or very fast polyleader. I am guessing that S1/2 with extra very fast 10’ polyleader would do the same….

Some fly fishers from Europe argue that , at least when fishing for Atlantic salmon, it is better to use lower rate sunk line/ shooting head rather then floating head/line with very/extra fast sink because of more uniform presentation. For example S1/2 or S2/3 is better then hover/S3/4.
That of course would depend on the structure of the bottom of the river. A river with large boulders may be better suited for floating belly head + T-10 rather then S1/2 ( S2/3) head or line.

BTW, do Ace Vision or Guideline offer shooting heads based on floating belly and S3/4 or S4/5 15’ tip ( no loops)?, which of curse has to be connected to 8-10’ polyleader.

Which one fishes better, DDC with 15' tip S3/4 ot S2/3 ( no loops)?

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