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I spent a lovely day lake fishing for big black bass, panfish, and pickerel.

I also found myself unconsciously doing snake rolls with my 9wt singlehander- a rather stiff Scott STS. With a Rio Longcast 9wt, the casts were reaching the 70ft+ mark with minimal physical strain.

Now, i'm not the greatest snakeroller known to man and the conditions weren't always optimum, but I was very happy with the cast-effort ratio I was getting. Especially since urban fishing means having to be extremely careful of an aerial backcast, this is a good close quarters technique

The ability to throw that HAUL in before the final power stroke further sweetens the line-speed deal.

Anyone else using this or other newer casts in the singlehand realm? I'm definitely going to be rolling the snake in the surf when i get a chance...

BTW- Saw the biggest Pike I've ever seen- just monstrous- in Prospect Park Lake in downtown brooklyn. A pike this big in Brooklyn is surely employed by La Cosa Nostra. Can't even estimate it's size...40 inches maybe? Maybe that's not big really, but to see it just sitting there in the water, staring hungrily at the homeless guy eyeing my shiny reel...no price on that.

A BEAUTIFUL woodduck (here ducky-ducky...let me pluck your lemon barred sides...where's my speargun!) too. A blue heron also? Somethign like it? I wonder how my 12 gauge Beretta would be received in the Park? On the sub way? I do promise to use bismuth shot. Don't wanna kill the waterfowl or anything ;)

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I use doubles all of the time when I am nymphing for trout with my single hander. I'll bust out a snake here and there, mostly when I am fishing with a buddy and want to freak them out. I don't use the snap T-C at all, and I don't do singles as I am normally trying to change the direction more the 90 degrees.

The single handed double has been a mainstay for my nymphing since before I ever got into two handers. I really taught myself the cast on a single handed rod, and then made the transition to the two hander. I think the double is more useful-to me-for this application, than the snake, as I find it is easier to control where my anchor goes, and I feel it may be less prone to tangleing nymphing rigs than the snake. Now if I practiced the snake a bunch, I might have different results. But the double is a cast I would be lost without for this type of fishing. I use it almost every day out, not all of the time, but in some conditons and spots, it is the only way to fly!

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Cast and Blast in Brooklyn? Sounds fun.

I have found that spey cast and snakes in particular have crept into all of my fishing. I use snakes to pick up long drifted dry flies and for all major direction changes with the single hander not to mention the obvious use for swinging soft hackles. The cast has such a cool efficient zing that you can't help but dig it.

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