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Selling several line I have been hoarding here in my office. All are new on the spool with box and any paperwork. Please shoot me a PM with any questions. All prices are shipped and Paypal'd CONUS. If buying more than one line...take $2.50 off of each line being purchased. Thanks...

SOLD - SA Aircel Supreme 2 WF4F - $20 SOLD
(2) SA Air Cel Ultra WF7 Wet Tip F/S Super Fast Sink - $20 (1 SOLD)
SOLD - SA Specialty Bonefish Taper WF8S Slow Sink - $20 SOLD
SOLD - SA Wet Cel Mono Core WF6S Slow Sink - $15 SOLD
SOLD Gary Borger Signature Series Spring Creek WF4F - $25 (complete with a small bottle of line dressing) SOLD

SOLD - Cortland Pro Cast Professional Series Salmon / Steelhead Shooting Head System ST8 (35' Float, 27' Int, 25.5' Type 3, 24' Type 6) $30 (SOLD to oldsenilegoat)
SOLD - SA "Bruce Experimental Sample" "Supple WF3F" - $15 SOLD (Almost want to keep this one just to have fun with it) Back spool half has a missing section of the spool as yours truly dropped it headed to my pc about 5 minutes ago.

See pics below for all of the lines listed. If someone wants the whole works...figure $90 shipped and Paypal'd CONUS.

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