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Simple Spey

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Here is a simple spey I tie that Ive had some success on. Its pretty similar to that Quillasomething pbr posted which is why I have thought of it. I didnt really think Im the inventor of it by any stretch as Im certain someone, or maybe a lot of someones, have tied pretty much the same thing over the years and maybe even given it a name.

Its different every time I tie it. Sometimes BEP as hackle, other times itll just be a GP breast hackle. Sometimes floss, sometimes wool yarn, sometimes dubbing.

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Sweet little spey. The head is just amazing on there. What's with the onion though?
Its a Walla Walla onion so its somehow surprisingly on topic.
Like an old Glasso pattern... Looks fishy. Good luck with it.
I like this one a lot. Looks like something I'd like to fish.
can you post a head-on and overhead of the fly please?

trying to get some perspective on the wing setting folks do

I set them on top, only sightly tented.

I dont know if it matters much where or how you set them once they are wet and in the current.
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Oh ya, that one is 6 GP breast feathers. 4 golden ones, two on either wide and then smaller 1 red one on either side.

Thats a size 6. For large flies Ill do 4 and 4 feathers. For anything smaller itd be 2 and 2.
cool, man.
That's dynamite. The heads on your flies are pristine man. Nice finish.
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