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Simon Gawesworth in New England...

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Simon will be joining Hunter's Angling for a Spey clinic this weekend. I spoke with Nick Wilder and will have the pleasure of stopping by Sunday. Rumor is that Jim Vincent will be there as well!

For those of you who are enrolled in this, I envy you - as I will only be able to stop by for one of the three days.

He reported that he won't be able to chase stripers this time but had some great stories of his past experiences with them on his Spey rods out on the islands. We hope to show him some of our famous Northeast hospitality next time he visits.

Dana -

Like I said on the phone, the door is always open for you to stretch your Ontario Spey clinic trip for a little striper sortie' on our coast! Hopefully one of these years we can lure you a bit further east. :devil:
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Juro, if you don't get him first I'd love to..

have him come a 'bit south' of Vancouver .... Washington ... and join me on the Rogue! We just gotta' get this guy south of the border, down USA way.

Dana, is there an outstanding warrent with your name on it????:devil:
NY spey clinic

Hi everyone. I am new to the spey pages and I saw the posts about a possible clave in the NY area. I live in Rochester NY, with the salmon river being one of my home waters (my office is actually on the banks), we had a very successful clave last year on the salmon with the help from the folks at Douglaston Salmon Run. We sure could use an annual clave that would help us catch up with you folks out west. The two handed rod is becoming more and more popular here, now if we could only get others to rotate through a pool instead of anchor fishing we would really be making progress. I believe that the salmon river would probably be the best location for another clave because the river can support a large gathering. I would be more than willing to become involved in any way possible. PLease feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Thank you and I look forward to a clave in the near future in upstate NY.
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