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Here I go again, feeling like I'm betraying my Simms fetish, but this pack was bought on impulse at retail, just before I got my large sling which I greatly prefer since I don't really hike all that far nowadays.

This is the technical pack that does it all: good storage volume, can lash down multiple rod tubes, all kinds of pockets and features, has a pull-out rain-fly that covers the whole pack should the weather take a turn for the better to bring in fresh chrome.
Can connect the matching Simms chest packs to the straps (not included here), and is just generally the coolest backpack I've ever seen. Not even available on FleaBay anymore as its that awesome!

It has never been used, packed, sweated on or otherwise, just sat there in my gear closet mocking me for not hiking out into the wilderness when I could just drive right up to sweet pools...

Its in pristine condition with the original tags still on it. I can send actual photos if requested, but just included stock photos as its exactly the same.

Asking ***SOLD***, and if you're in Canada, I'll eat the shipping costs, for USA, we'll work something out on your ZIP code.


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